My Word Game

My Word Game

My Word Game

R. Aubel Word

98339 votes, 4.4 / 5

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Play On Words -- My Word / Your Word game variation

Snacky | Make My Word | Puzzle Game

Love it. Just as good as the real thing.
Best of its kind on Android.

Play with words, just like Scrabble. Alone, with friends or against your phone.
Play online, invite a friend, progress!
Chat with your opponents. 

See the best online scores (Top 100), compare with yours.

See your online opponent availability.

English, French, German, Spanish and Italian dictionaries.
Definitions via Wiktionary (English and French only).

Keywords: Scrabble, word game, crossword.

Fix: chat is now blocked (for one opponent) for all games
New: highlight letters (by value) on the board